Course Name



Honors English I:

'So You Say You Want a Revolution...'


Middle School English 2 or equivalent

Honors English II:

'O, Humanity! Love, Pride, Prejudice, Alienation, Domination'

13+English I or equivalent

British Literature with Study Tour:

'This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England...'


English II equivalent or

Teacher Approval

          Here at Writ Large, we do things a little differently.  Our classes are aimed at the student who is a strong reader and a motivated student.  Success requires a commitment of approximately 5-6 hours per week outside of the weekly 90-minute class.  Some weeks require more time, some less.  We work hard, but we also have fun!  (What can I say...I like to laugh!)  Class sizes are kept small, so we can remain a bit more relaxed and flexible than in larger classes. 

In-Person Hybrid Classes

          In-Person Hybrid classes are offered at both the Cedar Park and South Austin locations. Classes meet on campus 30 classes per year. The remaining 3 classes are asynchronous and online. Times to be announced.

​Below is the sequence in which classes should be taken.  Prerequisites are indicated.  Please note that the ages are requirements, not recommendations. Click on Course Name to see a full description!

Progression of Coursework and Age Requirements

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