​​​​ Writ Large Learning

Middle School English 1 -- Gods and Goddesses!  Mortals and Monsters!

In this introduction to Middle School English course, we will explore the world of the ancient myths, legends and heroes.  We will also read and examine the modern take on mythology of the Percy Jackson novels. This class is highly interactive – we read, act, create artwork and write until we can write no more. During this year, we will lay a foundation in grammar, punctuation and vocabulary development.

In keeping with our topics, we will broaden our ‘word horizon’ by learning Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. In addition, students will begin to fully utilize the writing process through the exploration of a variety of creative writing styles. Students will compose personal pieces, short stories, myths, legends, poems, plays, descriptive and imaginative pieces.

The ultimate goal of this 6th-7th grade English class is to lay the groundwork for the literary analysis and writing fluency needed to succeed in Honors Middle School English. This class is an ideal introduction for the student who is new to the formal ‘classroom experience.’