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Genre Writing Workshop #2

Mystery, Romance, and YA

Dates:  July 17-21, 9am - 1pm

Cedar Park Campus

If you want to start into the school year with an edge, you won't want to miss this boot camp! A solid week of academic writing training produces remarkable improvements in writing quality and understanding of the 'why' and 'how' of rhetoric and composition.

During this week we will focus on the two most common forms of essay - rhetorical analysis and argumentation.  We will talk about the historical roots of rhetoric through the more modern takes on argument and persuasion. (Toulmin, anyone?) We will also discuss structure/outlining, and finally, we will put it all together by reading and responding to some fun fiction readings and non-fiction pieces on controversial topics.

Of course, there will be multiple drafts, because "writing is rewriting." We will use peer editing in classes, as well as having one-on-one meetings with the instructor.

Genre Writing Workshop #1

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror

Dates:  June 26-30, 9am - 1pm

Cedar Park Campus

Academic Writing Boot Camp

Dates:  August 14-18, 9am - 1pm

Cedar Park Campus

 The format is a writer's workshop: every student writer produces work and shares it with all of the other students in the workshop for feedback and critique. (The FIRST thing we do is learn HOW to critique professionally and well!!) The writer then goes back to do the real work -- rewriting and polishing. 

During the class, students learn about the characteristics of each genre and reader expectations. We will also read and analyze some short fiction. We will also loosen up with writing games and sprints. And of course, we will talk about the all-important aspects of all great fiction - character, motivation, structure (plot), themes, mood, etc... Over the course of the week, the writers will produce either one or two short stories, or one or two chapters from a longer piece of fiction to be completed later.

Hi! I'm Anne Lynch. I teach English courses at Ignite Academy for Homeschoolers. I have an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction and am an editor and author. I'm so excited to offer genre writing workshops this summer!

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